Strategic partnership between the IEDO & the International Police Association

The International Police Association (IPA) has signed an MoU with the International Emergency Drone Organization (IEDO). The IPA is a non-profit association made up of nearly 400, 000 members of the police service in over 100 countries worldwide promoting international cooperation. The IEDO contacted the IPA in order to make contact with the police services to try to develop further cooperation. This partnership between IEDO and IPA will create new synergies about public safety UAS uses. The goal is to promote the use of drones by police services in several countries in order to save more lives. The development of knowledge and experience sharing initiated by IEDO will find its place through the international IPA network. Because the legislation, the technology of the UAS is developing extremely quickly, the sharing of the expertise of IEDO members through the IPA network will be able to erase the delays and difficulties in the use of UAS for police missions. The IEDO will help IPA members to seek training and knowledge about the use of drones, the goal is to have the IEDO put up seminars and training for IPA.

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