Fire & Rescue Drone Commission

The Fire & Rescue Drone Commission has 3 goals :

Developing the firefighter’s community

For a long time, the international IEDO community represented 80% of firefighters, this strong statistic is explained by the initial success of IEDO within this professional community. The fire & rescue drone commission must develop a larger, more international firefighter’s community. The aim is to recruit more members to bring them knowledge and practical skills from around the world, in conjunction with the national IEDO sections.

Supporting collective development

All IEDO members from fire & rescue services are looking forward to news on innovation, safety, tactical know-how and skills development. The fire & rescue drone commission is responsible for setting up and coordinating as many working groups as necessary, each led by a designated leader, depending on themes and needs:

The fire & rescue drone commission is also responsible for creating and coordinating a network of IEDO instructors to organize national and international training sessions.

Building international links

It is essential to integrate the fire & rescue drone commission into the international environment by establishing

strong and trusting links with recognized entities (government agencies, international organizations).



Head of Fire/Rescue Drone Commission



Deputy Head of Fire/Rescue Drone Commission, Training Director

Manuel HAß


Deputy Head of Fire/Rescue Drone Commission, Knowledge Director


Representative of the CTIF, International Association of Fire & Rescue Services, within the Fire and Rescue Drone Commission

The CTIF and the IEDO has signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to cooperate and create standardized procedures for the use of drones in emergency services. 

The agreement was made earlier in the Autumn of 2020, and the formal agreement between the two organisations were signed in a small ceremony online in December 2020.