Police Drone 


The Police Drone Commission has multiple goals :

Building a law enforcement community

For a long time, the international IEDO community represented barely 15% of police officers, even as the themes of innovation and new threats exploded year after year. The police drone commission is building and developping a larger, more international law enforcement community. The aim is to recruit more members to bring them knowledge and practical skills from around the world, in conjunction with the national IEDO sections.

Supporting collective development

All IEDO members from law enforcement agencies are looking forward to news on innovation, safety, tactical know-how and skills development.

The police drone commission is responsible for setting up and coordinating as many working groups as necessary, each led by a designated leader, depending on themes and needs:

Christophe PARISOT


Head of Police Drone Commission 




Deputy Head of Police Drone Commission, Training Director 




Deputy Head of Police Drone Commission, Knowledge Director


Representative of the IPA, International Police Association, within the Police Drone Commission

In 2021, IEDO and IPA signed a partnership. It aims to promote the use of drones by police forces worldwide, with the aim of saving more lives. The development of knowledge and sharing of experience initiated by IEDO will spread rapidly across the IPA's international network.

With drone technology and legislation currently evolving very rapidly, the IPA anticipates that by sharing the expertise of IEDO members across the IPA network, they will be able to minimize delays and reduce difficulties in the use of drones by police.