International Police Drone Training

The IEDO association in partnership with the IPA (International Police Association) is organizing each year an international training course in Germany at Gimborn castle for police officers.

First time on October 2th-6th 2023, 10 countries represented at the training by the 29 students were Iceland, Cyprus, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium Sweden, Greece and the United States.

The presentations covered Drones in Public Safety, Drones in Disaster Recovery, Flight Preparation and flight planning, and general settings on cameras.

The NIST training provided at IBZ Gimborn delivered an overview on the NIST Aerial Test Methods and how it is used to develop basic drone pilot proficiency. It has been used as a basic certification for training pilots, then build upon to developing tactics. Participants were provided training on the NIST Open Lane level 1. This course focuses on basic maneuvering and traverse flight paths. Upon completion of the training, participants were tested and provided a completion certificate by the IPA. There was also a presentation on the use of thermal drones to locate clandestine graves.

In addition to the classroom presentations, there were many opportunities to actually fly drones. Besides the NIST course, students flew inside the castle demonstrating the ability of one of the drones to penetrate deep down the hallways. A group of the newer pilots had the chance to learn about deploying drones, proper launch techniques and then flew a series of drills helping to improve their understanding of the controls. We were able to do night flights and Bjorn (deputy head of knowledge, Police Drone Commission) demonstrated the spotlight on one of his drones. 

2024 Police Training

Germany, Gimborn, from 30.09. to 04.10.2024, 

non-members: 495 € for 1 week (all inclusive)

IPA/IEDO members: 365 €