International Robotic Best Practices Report

Robotic technology has been used by emergency services for years, but it is still relatively new. Not all public safety agencies use it today. Technological innovation and regulation in robotics have always evolved and adapted at a much faster pace than the development of best practices in robotics.

Today, emergency departments have many differences in the use of robotics, between those who have become experts and those who are just starting their robotics program.

The IEDO tactical program, launched on December 1, 2020, is an international project whose main objective is to gather, exploit, analyze, synthesize and disseminate best practices in the use of robotics in the field of disaster management and crises. 13 national working groups have collected data and information from 73 contributors wordwide.

Sharing this knowledge on the use of robotics for rescue or fire missions will enable all emergency services (firefighters, police departments, search and rescue associations and emergency agencies) to better understand the capabilities of robotics and be more effective in their missions.

Each public safety agency will be able to access its best practices, learn, improve its operational capabilities and be more effective.

The initial 100-page report was published online for free in March 2020, translated into English, French, Swedish and Portuguese, it has been downloaded 9,000 times. He was awarded an AUVSI Award in 2021 in the public safety category. And it was in 2022 that IEDO published the update of the international report in version V2 with 130 pages of content. This report will be updated every 2 years.

CTIF support

This initative of sharing knowledge is fully supported by the CTIF and his president Milan DUBRAVAC


International Best Practices Report Manager