To save more lives with drones


Founded on June 10, 2018, the International Emergency Drone Organization (IEDO) is a global non-profit association dedicated to promoting the use of drones by emergency services and public safety agencies, but also to develop international, national, and local exchanges between first responders using drone technology around the world.

Why join IEDO ?

3 reasons

Join our UAS specialist network

Joining IEDO means joining a global community of emergency drone specialists of more than 500 members from 42 countries to promote the drone & save more lives with UAS

Share documents

Vous aurez accès à la bibliothèque numérique: documents de formation, de fonctionnement standard, la gestion des données, la législation, tout disponible en plusieurs langues.

Partagez votre expérience des drones

Our forum is a place of international exchange about your drone operations, your training & other topics. The forum is accessible in several languages thanks to our machine translation tool.


Join our network of emergency UAS expert & specialist   to share your knowledge, your experience & participate in our projects and seminars.

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